Your Organizationís Potentials Successfully Utilized




Added value for your company is my goal




  Joe Grob  -  your resource


  • Development of strategies, implementation and follow up.


  • Setup key information for the management


  • Analyses of business areas (SWOT)


  • Risk management


  • Improve the processes and the structure of the organizations


  • Overhead value analysis


  • Make or buy


  • Supply chain management


  • Logistic concepts


  • Planning of workflows and buildings


  • Inventory systems


  • Production planning and control


  • Optimize and plan the resources


  • Contract management


  • Management of crises



Project Management

  • Lead projects in different business areas (IT, finance, organization)


  • Implement new systems and train the employees


  • Quality assurance


  • Supervision and reporting of costs, time and results




  • Operational audits


  • Examination of operational efficiency


  • ISO 9001:2000. Perform audits as QM-System Auditor


  • Internal audits


  • Assessor based on TQM