Potentials Successfully Utilized

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 Professional Record

2008 -

Independent Consultant. Consulting, Project Management and Audits.

2003 - 2008

Project Manager. Responsible for the implementation of a large financial project in the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, Bern, Switzerland.

2001 - 2003

Independent Consultant. Audits, Project Management and Consulting.

1991 - 2001

Large Swiss Technology Corporation.1994 2001 Senior Auditor in Corporate Auditing. International assignments performing operational audits and special projects in industrial, service and medical companies.
1991 1994 Team leader for in-house consulting and project management.

1987 - 1991

Service Company for Swiss Banks. Business Analyst. Responsible for process organization in IT projects such as EFT/POS (electronic funds transfer at the point of sales), ATM (automatic teller machines) and SIC (Swiss Interbank Clearing).

1985 - 1987

Global IT-Company. Account Manager. Responsible for sales of computer systems to large companies in trading and industry.

1979 - 1985

Consulting Engineers. Business Analyst in the finance and administration division. Responsible for internal projects (organization, IT, overhead analysis). Reporting directly to the CFO.

1975 - 1979

Large Retail Trading Company. Head of an internal control department. Planning, supervision and control of inventories in 150 stores and 3 distribution centers. Investment control and action programs to reduce the inventory loss in the stores. Reporting directly to the CEO.

1972 - 1975

Large Retail Trading Company. Planning of a new regional distribution center from the initial concept to implementation. Planning the logistics in all the different areas including distribution.

1971 - 1972

Management Consulting. Responsible for logistics. Preparation and execution of analysis in logistics for a large trading company in Germany. Improved materials flow, storage and transportation.



Stays Abroad

Three years in Canada, studying English and working as an Industrial Engineer.




4 years technical apprenticeship in a major Swiss industrial company


3 years Industrial Engineering; Swiss Association for Industrial Engineers, Zurich


4 years Swiss federal diploma in business process organization. Studies in preparation for this diploma in Zurich.




German and English